No legacy is so rich as honesty.

Caitlin Hynes | Communications Professional | Melbourne, Victoria

I write to broaden my own, and your scope, on public relations and specialised areas including government relations, corporate public affairs, media relations, and publicity.

Throughout this site, I will call upon my personal experiences professionally and personally, gained through internships, employment and solo travels, whilst also curating content for the both of us that assists in broadening our understanding on communication and the news and issues that surround this industry.

To navigate this blog, head to “Blog” from the drop-down options to view all blog posts written by yours truly or curated content from my favourite sites. If you’re interested in my communication and digital content skills in a professional sense, please head to “Folio” to view demonstrated evidence of my professional skills.

I am resilient, resourceful and mature, qualities I don’t doubt will shine through in my topics of discussion and my responses to your comments.

You’ll note that I am super passionate about things including:

  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • AFL (Go Dogs!)
  • NFL (Go Chiefs!)
  • Ballet
  • Musical Theatre

If you would like to connect with me online, check out my social pages below…

Caitlin Hynes




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