The changing platform of journalism.

The problem with online reputation management is the lack of understanding and respect that the majority of the population have toward it. As the rules of social media and the internet in general are manipulated, stretched and developed (like mutant’s from X-Men but without awesome superpowers) we shouldn’t expect our understanding to remain concrete and current.

Jim Joseph from Entrepreneur acknowledges this mercury-like consistency that is the internet and ignites the desire to explore the unknown as ” never before have we been able to create, build and market our personal brand like we can today”(Joseph).

This is utterly true, as we pioneer a digital world that our species created. The endless positivity’s of an ever-changing and ever-growing world where you can create and develop an online reputation that will propel you in your desired future are exciting and nerve-wracking (kind of like bungee jumping off a cliff face).

The possibilities for your reputation online is so huge and overwhelming that most individuals fail to use all resources available to them. As a warning to those without all available resources, Jim Joseph warns  that “your behaviour on social media becomes your brand and builds your reputation. While the digital world is your platform, use it with care because there is a fine line between productive and destructive behaviour”.

Looking through the internet (clichéd I know) I have found a website that provides 2 essential tips to remember about maintaining your online reputation:

  1. “A positive reputation is the best defence against smear campaigns
  2. Most attempts to smear go nowhere
  3. Reputation management is still important”          (

These tips, I personally feel, provide a positive aura regarding how you can use social media to your advantage. Online reputation can help possible employers locate you and review your skills, gather respect and new opinion from audiences and find and develop attention/fame.

Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of online reputation management. You would need to live under a rock in Tartarus with headphones in to not know her name or at minimum, her surname. Her movement up the ranks from disrespected attention-seeker to respected entrepreneur displays how manipulation of and effort on public relations management and thus the management of online reputation can steer your future into the shining lights of success and fame.

At arguably the pinnacle of her current career, Kim Kardashian produced somewhat shocking and tantalising images and interview with PAPER Magazine, famously tagged “#BreakTheInternet”. Just as a taste, see below image courtesy of PAPER Magazine.

As a back-story to Kim Kardashian and warning to all who attempt to develop their online reputation, please avoid an exploiting sexual video. Few positives come out of the release of such a video and although you may have the adoration of some men and women that find you sexually appealing, the respect from not creating a pornographic video that will be far more rewarding.

I’m not saying I don’t respect pornographic actors and actresses, however I am pretty sure Kim Kardashian didn’t partake in that video under the pretence that she would be paid good money to complete a job.

The dangers of managing your online reputation are things such as the unpredictability and ever changing landscape of the internet and social media. You need to also take into account the quick fall from fame you can experience with one bad review or comment. Although some bad news can have no effect, other bad news can be catastrophic.

My advice is to pay attention to your favourite social media sites and explore the new ones you haven’t heard of before. It’s an exciting adventure that requires your constant attention and respect. The internet is like mercury: it will take so many different forms, will continue to change and is also sometimes lethal (although you technically cant consume the internet).




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