Slick back that hair and step into social media awareness

Credit: Design Industries

Alex Morrell captured the volatile power of the modern techie, in his interview and portrayal of Australia’s newest Billionaires, Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes, the two founders of the business software company Atlassian. Morrell, after interviewing these two innovative men, recognized that alongside transparency and ethics, ‘having a unified vision and culture from day one has helped guide the company’s precipitous growth path’ [1]. It seems obvious that motivation and drive is an invaluable tool to success in any field but from scouring Google for viable social media influencers in the Australian technology (techie) arena, the implementation of drive and desire for success is evidently minute.

The New Hampshire Business Review provides a guide for budding entrepreneurs and anyone seeking to manage and maintain their online reputation. The first step ‘is to gather the facts’ [2], and secondly ‘strategise and define what your image is, what you want it to be today and as you grow professionally and how to use each of your social media networks to get there’ [2]. The third step is ‘building profiles aligned with your purpose and vision – two key aspects you should have established in step one’ [2]. The fourth and final step is ‘to make your social media profiles reflect your best possible persona’ [2]. By following such simplistic and logical steps to keep your online reputation where you want it, you can display the persona needed to attract customers, investors and a gained traction in media awareness.

When Googling something as plain as ‘Australian techie blogs’ the first three websites to appear are:

Gizmodo Australia logo

Gizmodo Australia a website dedicated to articles regarding new technological advances in numerous fields such as science, entertainment, computing and gaming, with 1,138 Instagram followers.

Reckoner logo

Reckonera website, or possibly more of a blog, that provides a more personal aspect on new technological releases and said author’s opinion on new products and brands. This blog does not have an Instagram account, however there is a Facebook account with 289 followers.

techAU logo

TechAU “passionate tech coverage”, an Australian website that writes articles regarding new devices for vehicles, phones, gaming and also reviews on new technological products, with 665 Instagram followers.

Comparatively, when Googling ‘Australian lifestyle blog’ an abundance of hugely popular blogs, Instagram and Facebook accounts pop up with much higher viewings than previously mentioned ‘techie’ blogs. Some of these blogs include:

Elderflower Ice Blocks recipe, credit: The Hungry Australian

The Hungry Australiana blog and website dedicated to delivering fresh new ideas, information and guides relating to food and travel, with 5,868 Instagram followers.

The Great Indoors, credit: The Planthunter

The Planthunter a blog and website ‘devoted to celebrating plants and the varied ways humans interact with them’, with 40.5k Instagram followers.

Why is it that lifestyle blogs and Instagram accounts have more followers than techie blogs, where individuals can arguably receive the best reviews and information regarding new technology products? Why is it that more people seem to go in store to JB Hi-Fi for assistance than visiting a techie blog from the comfort of your own home? Should techie blogs perhaps implement the same artistic, visually appealing flair that lifestyle blogs and Instagram accounts implement?

Above are screenshots from Kayla Itsines and Mimi Elashiry‘s Instagram accounts, displaying the visual aesthetic of their collected images.

Comparatively above are screenshots of Gizmodo Australia and TechAU‘s Instagram accounts, which portrays an image of slight visual appeal but also a disjointed, disorganised air. In the current modern world, the idea that image is everything seems so much more prominent than before, especially when portraying one’s identity online. So understandably, to attract and maintain followers through social media, it is evidently more important to consistently maintain a beautiful, slim-lined, modern image, rather than a rough, unpolished and unprofessional image.

Therefore, budding young blogs and developing blogs should invest in website development, photography classes and finishing classes to keep the media and potential publics interested and attracted in your growing business and online discussion. Although it is somewhat superficial to recommend these steps, you cannot reach such success as Atlassian founders without implementing such logical strategies, otherwise your potential remains dormant and the media continues to run unaware of your existence.


1. Morrell, A. (2014) Two 34-Year-Old Aussies are latest Techies to become billionaires thanks to sky high financing round. Available at: (Accessed: 18 June 2016).

2. ‘Controlling your own brand through social media: expert Margaret Donnelly shares insights at Tech Women Power Breakfast’ 2015, New Hampshire Business Review, 15, p. 12, General Reference Center Gold, EBSCOhost, viewed 17 June 2016.


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