Name: Caitlin Hynes

Title: Communications Professional. Learn more about my career and experience via my LinkedIn page (see below)

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communication) at Deakin University, circa. 2017

Passion: public relations, ethical communication, providing a voice to those that cannot find their own

Interests: AFL, NFL, ballet, live music, travelling, and cooking



Social Media: Find me below…


This blog, as you may have read on the ‘Home’ page is dedicated to broadening my own and hopefully your understanding regarding public relations and associated fields within the communications industry.

I have discovered, through my university degree, that I am super passionate about public relations, especially through media relations, and the correct method of ensuring all released communications are ethical and utterly correct. Just like your own personal brand, elements such as trustworthiness and reliability can pass fleetingly through the window if you don’t ensure that your ethics are held to the highest standard.


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