How do we encapsulate Tom Ford & Gucci from 1994?

This post sets about discussing fashion and external communication. By reviewing branding, boundary spanning and different attitudes to fashion, PR and communication, this post will help round out your understanding of the fashion industry, its efforts with external communication, and therefore help you achieve your own opinion on the matter.

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OK but first, let me check this Periscope of Marc Jacob’s catwalk because I need a new pair of jeans

What impact has new digital mediums had on the fashion industry really? Is the impact really that devastating or instead the kickstart everyone’s been looking for?

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Communication Campaign Proposal

The final trimester of university (hopefully for good) brings with it elements of elation, fear, and exasperation, all in a surprising equal measure. On an excellent note, however, a final unit of study surrounding campaigning, has taught me and the team I collaborated with, how to devise and refine a campaign proposal. Looking into the […]

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Play that song Mr. Coca-Cola man.

  In addressing the value of public affairs and correspondingly public relations, it is common to find that external communications are far more heavily relied upon and supported compared to its equally valuable counterpart, internal communications. Although seen as too close to human resources to be deemed credible and worthy of time, internal communications can […]

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Did you want some media with that?

It comes plain and simple: lobbying never gives a brand, individual or organisation a great reputation. Evidently, it’s the word itself that pushes forth a connotation of manipulation and lies. So instead of encouraging distaste and mistrust within their publics, ‘the vast majority of practitioners…are conducting public affairs, rather than lobbying as a single public affairs […]

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Can a one-man show succeed in the Oval Office?

The value of public relations or more specifically publicity within such a public profession as politics varies in depth and warmth depending on who you correspond with. In a arguably divided society ‘ethnopolitical antagonisms are fundamental to almost all aspects of civic life, yet there is limited research into how government–media relations operate in such contexts’ (Rice, Somerville […]

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